Dream high 2

Of course Hye Sung was going lớn accept JB. After that confession and in front of everyone? It’s lượt thích proposing at a ballgame; you can’t say no or else you’re going to get booed and have stuff thrown at you. This of course then leaves Rian and Yoo Jin to be paired up.

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Afterwards, JB holds Hye Sung’s hand và starts walking away when they’re stopped in their tracks by Rian. Hye Sung tries to lớn take her hand away, but JB takes it back. She tells Hye Sung that she takes back saying they were friends & turns her wrath on JB. Rian thanks him sincerely for clearing up her illusions about him & she found the desire to lớn work hard because of them. She finishes it up by saying she’ll make him realize what a mistake he just made. After JB và Hye Sung walk away, Yoo Jin goes up to lớn Rian và tells her with confidence that they’re going khổng lồ win.

Next we see Rian & her mom eating. Her mom doesn’t understand why she’s staying there with HersheE disbanded & says she can go somewhere else to lớn act or be in another group. Rian says she’s tired of just being called pretty và the face of a group & says she’ll definitely be first in the next round.

As both groups gather the next day for class, everyone is of course gossiping about JB và Hye Sung. In an effort lớn make them more connected, Teacher Ahn tells each pair to lớn ask each other any question they want. Nana is sitting between mê man Woo và Hong Joo, trying to get them to talk, but they clearly want nothing to vì chưng with each other. Rian catches Yoo Jin glancing back at Hye Sung và begins pestering him about why he likes her, to which he just gets angry & says nothing. She then concludes that she’s learned all she needs to know about him: he likes Hye Sung, the end.

Afterwards, the partners meet up with Producer Shin for a special class lớn determine the images they want for their partners. đam mê Woo has Hong Joo dress up lượt thích Elton John, & Hong Joo has him dress up as a soldier. JB dresses up Hye Sung in a trắng gown, while Hye Sung gets lazy và says she just likes him as regular high school JB. Rian’s image is a throwback to lớn the movie “Roman Holiday”, while she has Yoo Jin dressed up as a rocker with a spiked jacket. I also probably enjoyed their couple G-Minor shout out way more than I should have. Seul & Soon Dong have their images flipped as Seul is dressed up in an innocent image holding flowers, và Soon Dong is dressed in all black with a gun. Ui Bong và Ailee are the only ones that match each other and look like they just stepped off the mix of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”

Next we see Ui Bong nhảy for Seul, who is sitting on a chair, lớn Dynamic Duo’s “without You”. She seems touched by his proposal và then he breaks the mood và says he’s going to bởi vì that for Ailee, who is standing right there anyway. Seul kicks him in the shins for his troubles. I really don’t know why they’re trying to push this angle, but oh well. JYP and Ji Soo then demonstrate a tango for them to lớn show what a couple dance should look like. Teacher Ahn happens khổng lồ walk by yet again, và tells herself that she’s crazy for thinking she likes JYP. Nonetheless she quickly goes in & interrupts them.

Si Woo and Hong Joo’s attempt at it is a dismal failure, with Nana on the sidelines continually trying lớn get the closer together. Seul và Soon Dong’s attempt is slightly better, while Ui Bong & Ailee vì far better given their actual real life dance training. Hye Sung continues to lack any useful skills other than composing “Hello to lớn Myself”, but JB is patient with her & does his best to lớn encourage her. He pulls her closer lớn him, but Ji Soo separates them, saying the Tango is all about restraint. Rian & Yoo Jin get off to a rough start, but after a pointer from JYP, they bởi vì better.

While the students are practicing, the teachers phản hồi on how much Yoo Jin is improving and that he’ll be a good match for JB. If those two are evenly matched, they feel it’ll come down to Rian và Hye Sung, who despite what they’ve shown, they say isn’t a đen hole anymore. I personally beg to differ, but I digress. JYP says loves gives you strength & we have another development point with the teacher love triangle.

Afterwards, JB and Hye Sung are having their own private practice session. In the middle of it, JB remembers a conversation he had with President Lee & Producer Shin again. JB is convinced he can do well with Hye Sung, but the two aren’t so sure. President Lee thinks JB is of the opinion that he can’t fall any further, while Producer Shin just tells him to lớn take responsibility for what he just said. Hye Sung notices he’s deep in thought, but when asked about it, JB just says they should skip out today.

Meanwhile, Rian và Yoo Jin are hard at work practicing themselves. They are making progress, but Yoo Jin gets tired and decides khổng lồ take a break. Rian, however, wants lớn keep practicing and tells him that President Lee orchestrated all these scandals and plans to lớn make sure JB improves. She tells him she’s been cast as his bride so that the media doesn’t focus on Hye Sung and reveals that Yoo Jin is JB’s pacemaker. Yoo Jin then remembers the conversation he had with Principal Joo about this và storms off. Rian then talks to lớn herself in the mirror, apologizing lớn Yoo Jin for having to lớn say khổng lồ keep him motivated.

Yoo Jin storms into President Lee’s office và confronts them on Rian’s accusations. They say the results aren’t fixed, but confirm that he was indeed the pacemaker. However, they admit he’s been doing well & they don’t mind if he wins. Khổng lồ this end, they offer him a formal contract with OZ Entertainment & even have put in a clause that says his parents can’t interfere with him.

Meanwhile, JB và Hye Sung are enjoying their little date. They previously showed them buying kém chất lượng glasses và an ugly hat to lớn disguise him with & it seems to be working since fan girls are nowhere lớn be seen. They go around a fish market, eat some popped rice, và Hye Sung even buys him silverware as a present since she knows he likes to lớn eat. JB then gives her back the chopsticks saying since chopsticks and spoon should always be together, that means that the two of them should always stick together. Cheesy, but less so than some of the other stuff he’s been doing lately.

Back at school, Nana has her two suitors reenacting the Titanic scene with Hong Joo as Rose, & Si Woo as Jack. Hong Joo and Nana start singing the song, but đê mê Woo eventually gets fed up and tries to get Nana to vì it with him for the practice instead. Nana refuses and forces them khổng lồ keep practicing. Even if she’s not enjoying messing with the two, I sure am enjoying watching her vì chưng it.

Meanwhile, JB and Hye Sung’s date seems lớn be at kết thúc as they are riding the bus back. JB sees Hye Sung sleeping against the window, & gently moves her against his shoulder instead. He then looks at their utensils & smiles.

Yoo Jin, after hearing about the no interference clause in his contract, goes to lớn see his mom. He asked President Lee & Producer Shin if they just signed off without saying anything, & they tell him that his parents just wish him well và that they have no right to call themselves his parents. Yoo Jin sees her washing dishes in her little store, but can’t bring himself to confront her và so runs off.

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Back at school, Rian comes across Yoo Jin as he angrily throws the basketball at the hoop. JB and Hye Sung come back in & JB flippantly asks him what’s wrong và challenges him to lớn a game. He bets JB that if JB can’t make the basket he has to lớn give him Hye Sung. JB hesitates & Yoo Jin finally snaps and punches him. He grabs JB by the jacket và punches him a few more times, demanding lớn know why he had khổng lồ act as JB’s pacemaker. JB accepts the beating and says that he won’t avoid the punches because he knows he has nowhere lớn go. After this, Yoo Jin apparently has had enough and storms off. Once everyone leaves, Rian goes down và picks up the K-pendant that dropped in the middle of the fight.

JB is licking his wounds up on a walkway when Hye Sung comes upon him & puts a bandage on his mouth. Hye Sung is of course curious about why Yoo Jin hit him, but she trusts him so she won’t ask. She tells him that whenever she’s with him, she feels like she’s in a dream. JB then takes his opportunity lớn plant a kiss on her cheek. Unlike with Yoo Jin, she doesn’t pull away but is instead frozen in shock. Afterward, JB breaks the awkward tension by pretending to see a star, but then points at himself instead.

Meanwhile, Rian is sadly sitting on the stairs và we have a flashback khổng lồ when Hye Sung first gave JB the rubix cube, but this time it’s from Rian’s perspective. That night was apparently the night that JB found out about his day dying và we see Trainee Rian comforting him. It is then revealed that this is when JB tells Rian that they should break up. Since he made a promise to his dad lớn become the best, he probably wanted lớn concentrate just on that and doesn’t want her khổng lồ be a distraction lớn him. No wonder Rian is so very angry about the Hye Sung debacle. If he broke it off for this reason back then, why is Hye Sung okay for him now?

Next we see the pairs drawing lots to see the order in which they’re performing. Yoo Jin/Rian are first, followed by Seul/Soon Dong, mê man Woo/Hong Joo, JB/Hye Sung, & finally Ui Bong/Ailee. However, Yoo Jin and Rian catch Ui Bong và Ailee outside và beg them khổng lồ switch with them. At first the pair refuse, but in the kết thúc switch with their friends.

Now we finally get khổng lồ see what each group has in store. Ui Bong và Ailee are doing a cover of “Summer Nights” from Grease. Jr’s English is actually much better than I expected và Ailee of course was fine since she’s Korean-American. All in all, an enjoyable performance.

We then see Hye Sung preparing in the bathroom when she’s confronted by Rian with the K-necklace. She says that just lượt thích the necklace, Hye Sung can have JB because she also threw him away. Hye Sung knows though that Rian really does care a lot for JB. Rian says that Hye Sung will hurt him in the end, but Hye Sung says that she’ll be sure to lớn protect him. Rian hopes she’s right & walks away.

We then skip the other two performances and jump straight into JB và Hye Sung’s performance of cho Young Pil’s “Bobbed Hair.” Since the other 2 pairings are just idols, I’m fine with not seeing them. JB is, of course, carrying the performance while Hye Sung does her best khổng lồ not get in his way. JB also does a solo breakdance while Hye Sung just stands quietly in the back. So much for making this a couple dance. The crowd is loves the performance and some of the audience members bình luận that Hye Sung & JB look good together.

Now we have the final act: Yoo Jin & Rian’s performance of Clazziquai’s “Romeo N Juliet”. Jin Woo gives a good performance và Jiyeon once again shows that her voice is better suited to lớn these slower paced songs than her normal T-ara songs. The audience notice she’s crying and say it’s because she was dumped by JB. Ailee then comments that Rian probably wanted to lớn switch so they could be right after JB và Hye Sung for maximum impact. As she walks off stage, Rian has a dazed look on her face and we flashback and confirm Ailee’s suspicion that Rian did it on purpose khổng lồ get everyone on her side.

Now that all the performances are done, Producer Shin tells the crowd that whoever did the worst tonight will be eliminated & can no longer be a part of the competition. As voted by the audience, today’s least valuable player is…JB. Dun dun dun…

Final Thoughts.

12 episodes in and I don’t see how they’re going to lớn justify putting Hye Sung & Yoo Jin together in the end. Maybe this will be one of the rare dramas that the leads don’t end up together, another such drama being 2010’s Coffee House, which starred Jiyeon’s group mate Eunjung. At any rate, the Yoo Jin/Rian connection is dead as at this point they’re just friends scheming against the other two.

Even though I understand why they didn’t, I was still hoping the 2 non-idol pairings would perform. Dream High’s full main cast performed, but then again only one of them wasn’t already trained for it. Even still, Kim Soo Hyun actually went through the effort of experiencing idol training under JYP lớn prepare for the role. These four are minor characters though so I guess you can’t really expect them khổng lồ immerse themselves like he did.

Now that we know for sure that the night JB & Hye Sung met was when his dad died, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch khổng lồ think that there in fact was an accident which claimed the lives of both their parents at the same time. Both of them being distraught at the same time? There are very little coincidences in dramas & I look forward to lớn seeing how they develop this. I could also be completely off base, we’ll find out soon enough since there’s only 4 episodes left.

As for the decision to lớn eliminate JB, I completely agree with it. Even if President Lee and Producer Shin rigged it for him to lose, which I also wouldn’t doubt, it seemed like JB and Hye Sung’s dance lacked the couple chemistry that the other performances that we saw had. The theme was supposed khổng lồ be a love proposal but he’s out in front showing off his skills while his partner is clapping in the back lượt thích the audience. Hye Sung is not the best dancer, fine, but if you’re going to vì a couple dance that means the better person has khổng lồ tone it down khổng lồ match the màn chơi of the other person. Ui Bong had to do it for the B-Class dance performance, JB should’ve done the same. It also didn’t help his cause when Rian played the audience masterfully by crying during her performance right after his. The girl’s slowly learning from President Lee. I approve.

All in all, I’m glad this episode got the drama back on track as I was getting worried about how bad episode 9 và 10 were.

Special Bonus: Rather than one bonus, today has 3: all of the stages shown for the couple competition.

Jr and Ailee’s performance of Grease’s “Summer Nights” 

Im Jae Bum và Kang Sora’s performance of đến Young Pil’s “Bobbed Hair”

Jin Woo and Jiyeon’s performance of Clazziquai’s “Romeo N Juliet”

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